Student Application Management Program Portal

Does your school/organization help students apply to high schools, colleges, or other programs? Managing all of that information can be an overwhelming task. Our Student Application Management Program Portal will help you stay on top of the process, enabling your students to thrive!
With our Student Application Management Program Portal you can…
  • Define the required components and due dates for each application your students apply toward.
  • Enter application components as “complete” when students submit them. 
  • Track the school decisions (accepted, denied, waitlist) as students receive their admission statuses. 
  • Manage FAFSA, scholarships, and other relevant information.
  • Compare the financial considerations  (costs vs. expenses) of the schools to which students are accepted.
Student Application Management Program Portal includes the core CRM functionality of all of our systems: 
  • Manage the relationships between individuals and organizations (e.g. assign students to the schools they attend)
  • Powerful querying
  • Create targeted mailing/e-mail lists
  • Manage individual/mass communications with constituents
Combine Afterschool Program Portal with our other tools:

DonorAdvance – To manage your organization’s donor/fundraising information

Afterschool Program Portal – To manage all aspects of your afterschool program.


Are you overwhelmed by tracking multiple applications by many students?Managing the school application process requires tremendous organization.
Let us handle that for you so that you can give your students the attention they deserve.