A Custom Program Portal™ is a data management system designed to meet your organization’s unique programmatic needs. These powerful yet easy-to-use tools enable you to manage your organization efficiently, develop a deep understanding of your organization’s performance, and make data-driven strategic decisions.
Why do you need a Program Portal?

No two nonprofit organizations are exactly the same. What you do is unique, so you require a data management system designed to meet your organization’s specific needs. Furthermore, as your organization grows, your data management needs are going to change. Your data management system must be able to adapt to meet those changing needs. When you choose Nonprofit Data Solutions, you are not just buying a product; you are entering into a partnership. We work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure your Program Portal meets your organization’s evolving needs for years to come.


What is wrong with off-the-shelf data systems?

There are lots of outstanding off-the-shelf products. Off-the-shelf products are great for similar organizations with similar needs. DonorAdvance is an ideal off-the-shelf donor/fundraising management system. Our existing Program Portals (see below) are also ideal tools for the types of organizations they serve. But if what you do is truly unique, using an off-the-shelf product is like trying to “fit a square peg in a round hole.” You should not have to adapt your business processes to meet the needs of your data management system; your data management system should be designed around your needs.

Furthermore, what happens when your organization adds a new program or service that isn’t served by your existing data management system? You will either need to replace the system, add a redundant one, or develop some work-around. With a Program Portal from Nonprofit Data Solutions, you can be sure that your data management system will serve your organization for its entire lifetime.


Documents and spreadsheets are inadequate

At most small organizations, Excel or Google spreadsheets are developed to manage information. These tools are great. But they are limited. Spreadsheets are prone to errors and often entail redundant information and business processes. They can easily become changed, erased, or lost, making them useless. Oftentimes, important knowledge resides exclusively in the minds of senior management, board members, and long-time volunteers. That information needs to live someplace that people can easily access it, learn from it, and refer to it. People need to be able to compare information from one year to the next. As people and systems come and go, so too does that institutional knowledge. You need one data management system that will serve your organization now and into the future.

We save you TIME and MONEY

While each organization’s Program Portal is unique, every time we build a new Program Portal, its basic components become available to our new and existing clients. This allows us to build customized data management systems at a fraction of the cost of other developers. And we pass those savings to you, our customers. The following is a list of some, but not all, of our existing Program Portal components. If most of your organization’s data management needs are on this list, we can build a custom system even more quickly and affordably for you…

CRM Functionality (included in all of our systems):

  • Detailed information about program participants, volunteers, and their families (contacts).
  • Detailed information about businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, and other organizations with which your organization partners (affiliated organizations).
  • Matching contacts to affiliated organizations to which they are connected.
  • Powerful querying  of program participants and volunteers.
  • Easy generation of targeted mass communication lists as well as sending mass e-mails.

General Program Portal Components (available to all organizations):

  • Assigning participants to teams, classes, cohorts, etc.
  • Creating regular schedules for teams, volunteers, and participants.
  • Recording  participant attendance and volunteer hours.
  • Assigning volunteers to activities.
  • Tracking the forms and other documents that program participants and volunteers are required to submit (e.g. physicals, background checks, etc.)

Existing Comprehensive Program Portals 

Does your data reside in a mess of documents, e-mails, and filing cabinets?You need one system that will serve your organization now and into the future.  Let’s get started.