OST Program Portal

Our OST Program Portal is the ideal tool to manage the information about the students and families in your program. It makes it easy to evaluate your organization’s performance on an individual, team, cohort, or overall basis.
OST Program Portal empowers you to manage, track, and evaluate:
  • Participant/team scheduling, attendance, and performance
  • Family contact information, emergency contact records, etc.
  • Volunteer scheduling and attendance
  • Submission of required documentation (physicals, insurance information, etc.)
  • Participation in community service and other activities
  • Academic performance in school and on standardized tests
  • College application, acceptance, and matriculation
OST Program Portal includes the core CRM functionality of all of our systems: 
  • Manage the relationships between individuals and organizations (e.g. assign students to the schools they attend)
  • Powerful querying
  • Create targeted mailing/e-mail lists
  • Manage individual/mass communications with constituents
Combine OST Program Portal with our other tools:

DonorAdvance – To manage your organization’s donor/fundraising information

Student Application Management Program Portal – To provide comprehensive support as students in your program apply for and select a college.


Are you working as efficiently as possible?Running a successful OST program is incredibly hard. With so much information to manage, you need a tool designed to simplify your operations and allow you to focus on the bigger picture.