Online Event Registration

If your organization hosts events (fundraising, programmatic, or both), providing an online registration option for your constituents can be extremely helpful. Our online registration system integrates with both DonorAdvance and Program Portal so that as people register, their information automatically feeds directly into your system

Simple Event Set-Up

Create Different Registration Types

DonorAdvance makes it easy for you to set up different ways for people to participate in your events. Maybe there are different prices for youth tickets and adult tickets. Perhaps your event has multiple sessions and different registrations gain entrance into each. You can easily set up all of these different registration types, and DonorAdvance will keep track of it all for you.

A sample list of registration types along with their price, tax deductible portion, quantity sold, and total revenue.

Enable Multiple Pricing Options

Not only can you create different registration types, but you can also create various pricing options for each. In this example, you can see that the organization offers an “early bird” discount, a standard price, and a more expensive same-day registration. When people register online, they will only have the price options available at the time of registration.

A list of pricing options for a particular registration option, along with their prices and their available dates.

A sample screen in which an individual is making a donation in sponsorship of an event participant.
Sponsor Event Participants

Sometimes the most successful fundraisers are the ones where your participants raise money on your behalf. When people participate in your events they can receive a sponsorship code that they send to friends and relatives to sponsor their participation.

Perhaps many of your participants share an affiliation – they attend the same church or they work for the same company. They can set up a team page. All of the money they raise could be attributed to that team. You could even have a competition to see which team raises the most money.

Shows the login screen of a Fems for Dems events user.
Users Receive Accounts for Future Participation

When your participants develop an affinity toward your organization, they are going to want to participate in multiple events. Our systems allow them to have user accounts so that they can register for events, make donations, and view their registration histories. By logging into their accounts, your participants prevent you from having duplicate records in your system.

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