Integrated Data Systems

For many nonprofit organizations, their program is highly integrated with fundraising. These organizations need one unified system to track both. At Nonprofit Data Solutions, we develop custom data management systems (“Program Portals”) that integrate seamlessly with DonorAdvance in order to achieve that goal.
Is your organization a candidate for an Integrated Data Management System? Do any of the following scenarios describe your organization?
• Many of your donors also volunteer at your organization.
• Fundraising itself is a major program function – for example, your organization accepts donations (clothing, food, etc.) and distributes the goods to your beneficiaries.
• Program participants sell products as a way of raising funds (e.g. Girl Scouts, PTAs, etc.).
What is the benefit of ONE integrated system? Every individual your organization works with – participants, donors, volunteers, board members, vendors, etc. – should have a contact record. If your organization has separate systems for program, fundraising, and volunteer management, any individual who serves more than one function will have more than one record. This is redundant and it prevents you from seeing all of the information you need to know about that individual in one place. With an Integrated Data System you can see an individual’s giving history, volunteer schedule, and program record all at once.

Is your organization’s fundraising closely intertwined with its programming? You need one system to bring all that information together in one convenient place.  Let’s get started.