How We Work

At Nonprofit Data Solutions, we pride ourselves on our customer relationships. Whether you are interested in DonorAdvance, a Program Portal, or an Integrated Data Management System, all of our engagements begin the same way – with a conversation…
1. We learn about YOU and YOUR organization. Our mission is to help your organization achieve its mission. To accomplish that, we need to understand your needs in order to determine whether one of our solutions is right for you.
  • What is your organization’s mission?
  • How does it operate?
  • What type of data management systems do you currently use?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your existing system?

A group of students and an instructor working in a rooftop garden represent a nonprofit organization having an impact.

2. Recommendation If we believe your organization is a good candidate for one of our products or services, we will describe your options and recommend the appropriate product or service (either DonorAdvance,  a Program Portal, or an Integrated Data Management System).
3. Demo We take great pride in our products and services and love showing them off. Depending on your organization’s needs, we will provide a private demonstration of DonorAdvance and/or a Program Portal for you.
4. Contract Whether you are signing up for DonorAdvance or a Program Portal or both, we take the contract phase very seriously – it is important for you to know your rights and responsibilities as well as ours. The other (impersonal) data system providers will send you to a webpage with an incredibly long contract written in tiny font. They expect you to click ‘Agree’ without actually reading the text. Your data is confidential and sensitive. DO NOT entrust it to a company that wants to hide their rights from you. Our contract promises that your data belongs to your organization and that we will NOT share it in any way.

If you are signing up for a service that includes a Program Portal, the contract will establish a clear plan for developing the specifications for your data management system and a timeline for implementation.

5. Next Steps (DonorAdvance):

Customizing DonorAdvance – We want DonorAdvance to feel like it belongs to your organization, so we customize it for you. What does that mean? Your organization will have its own DonorAdvance web address and we will modify the appearance to match your organization’s color scheme. Your logo (or another representative image) will be on your homepage, and your organization’s name will always be on the top of the page. Additionally, we will program your organization’s fiscal year into DonorAdvance so that that your reports will match the calendar that’s right for you. These are just a few of the little things we do that make a big difference.

5. Next Steps (Program Portal):

Specifications – This is where things get fun! Through a series of in-depth conversations, you teach us in great detail how your organization works and we discuss your data needs and challenges. As these conversations continue, we will begin building a specifications document for your Program Portal. This document will, in turn, you will start to envision the tremendous potential of a data management system specifically designed around your organization’s operations. At the end of this process, we will agree on a comprehensive specifications list describing your Program Portal in detail.

Building your Program Portal – We will build out your Program Portal over the ensuing weeks. During that process, we will keep you informed of our progress and ask you any clarifying questions and suggest any changes as the need arises.

6. Importing Existing Data

Our contract will include a plan for importing your existing data into your data management system. No two data systems store data in the same way, so no two import processes are exactly the same, but we will work closely with you in order to import as much of your existing data as possible.

7. Delivery and Training

We will set up your initial user accounts and send you your login information along with a user manual. Furthermore, we will provide a training session for all of the staff, volunteers, and/or board members who will need it. From there, you will be up and running with your new data management system in no time.

8. Ongoing Relationship

Whether you use DonorAdvance and/or a Program Portal, we believe you will find your data management system extremely intuitive. But we are available to provide outstanding customer support when you need it. As new people join your organization, we will offer additional training sessions to ensure they are getting the most out of your system. Beyond simply supporting you, we will check in with you periodically to make sure your system is working for you. If you have a Program Portal, we will also schedule an annual review to discuss any potential changes to ensure that it grows with your organization.

Using data effectively is fundamental to your organization’s success.

Our powerful yet easy-to-use data management systems will allow your organization to thrive. Let’s get started.

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