DonorAdvance is a powerful yet easy to use fundraising management system. It enables nonprofit leaders to develop deep institutional knowledge of their individual, corporate, and foundation donors as well as their fundraising initiatives. DonorAdvance is fully cloud-based, so you can access your data from anywhere with Internet access, and you can rest assured knowing your data is safe and secure.

DonorAdvance Features:

Track Donors

Whether your donations come from individuals, foundations, corporate sponsors, and/or government agencies, DonorAdvance enables you to track your donors’ histories with ease. With DonorAdvance, you can tie married donors’ records together in order to see their giving as individuals AND as a family unit.  DonorAdvance lets you track the giving activity of multiple branches of an affiliated organization as well as the umbrella organization itself.

Compare Fundraising Initiatives

How does your organization make money? DonorAdvance makes it simple to create records for solicitations and events.  Any fundraising initiative can either be one-time or have multiple recurrences. At a glance, you can compare your fundraising initiatives to each other and from one recurrence to the next. For each fundraising initiative you can see both gross and net income as well as its performance against its goals. DonorAdvance even allows you to break down giving from a particular initiative into categories, such as ticket sales, auction proceeds, etc.

Communicate Strategically

DonorAdvance makes it easy to record both individual and mass communications. Does your organization have multiple board members, staff members, and volunteers interacting with the same donors? How can you be sure that they are conveying a consistent message? Donorhub provides the ability to make detailed records about communications with individuals as well as representatives of affiliated organizations. DonorAdvance also enables you to generate targeted mass communications so that the right messages reach their target audience. This enables you to plan and execute a comprehensive communication strategy.

Analyze In-Kind Donations

In-kind donations play a critical role for many nonprofit organizations. No donor management system on the market makes processing in-kind donations easier than DonorAdvance. Quickly create categories and specific items for in-kind donations. As you receive in-kind donations, you can easily enter them either with or without a value. With DonorAdvance’s easy reporting system, you can quickly see the quantity and value of your in-kind donations over time.

Facilitate Memberships/Subscriptions

Does your organization have memberships and/or recurring gifts? With DonorAdvance, you can easily create your own membership levels and schedule recurring gifts. Memberships are available for individuals, families, as well as affiliated organizations. DonorAdvance makes it easy to enter the recurring payments as they come in. You can monitor expiring memberships in order to promptly encourage your members to renew.

See Connections between Donors

How do people find your organization? DonorAdvance enables you to see relationships between individual donors and affiliated organizations as well as each other. DonorAdvance allows you to see how many people each individual has introduced to your organization. Do some of your donors work for organizations that offer matching donations? With DonorAdvance, you can set up corporate matching rates for affiliated organizations and identify opportunities to receive matching donations.

Track Sales

If your organization raises money by hosting events and/or selling products, DonorAdvance is the perfect tool. With DonorAdvance, you can create various categories of products as well as individual items to sell and keep track of their sales. Easily keep track of how many tickets have been sold for your events so you can project your attendance numbers in the days and weeks leading up to the them.

Manage your Board

DonorAdvance enables you to easily assign contacts to your board of directors. At a glance, you can see your board members’ term histories. Our Board Performance Report allows you to see not just how much your donors have given during their term, but how much they have solicited from others. If your organization requires a “give/get” for board members, no donor management system makes it easier to monitor your board’s performance.

Credit Individuals

If you assign staff members, board members, or other volunteers to solicit donations from  individual and/or institutional donors, DonorAdvance enables you to easily manage the process. Enter the solicitor/donor relationships into DonorAdvance and the the solicitors will automatically receive credit for their donors’ gifts. Whether or not you have institutionalized solicitor/donor relationships, DonorAdvance allows you to assign credit to anyone who helps solicit a given donation.

DonorAdvance Advantages:


DonorAdvance utilizes a simple and clear interface. It is designed around the needs of fundraising professionals and volunteers alike to find the information they need intuitively and quickly. Rather than making data difficult to find in endless reports, DonorAdvance enables you to access nearly any information you need within 2-3 clicks. By laying out data in clear tables, all DonorAdvance data can easily be exported to your favorite spreadsheet program for deeper analysis.

Convenient Mailing Lists

DonorAdvance makes it easy to develop targeted marketing programs and generate mailing lists. By linking spouses’ contact records, you can send marketing materials to either individuals or families, while avoiding sending multiple mailings to the same household. You can easily keep track of which contacts receive which mass communication messages in order to be strategic in your communications.

Keep Family Records Together

DonorAdvance makes it easy to connect spouses’ records to each other. You can even create records for children and connect them to their parents. This makes it easy to enter donations from individuals and entire families alike.

Strong Customer Service

As a small business, we believe in maintaining close professional relationships with our clients. Unlike many providers, we include a basic level of phone and e-mail support in our standard service agreement. When you contact us, you will receive support from someone who truly knows you and your organization. We also solicit feedback regularly and actively improve our product to meet your needs.

Simple Yet Powerful Querying

DonorAdvance offers a very simple system for generating powerful queries. Queries enable you to search for donors and gifts that meet particular criteria. DonorAdvance allows you to save your favorite queries for future use. With DonorAdvance, you can create groups of contacts based on certain parameters in order to efficiently execute your communication and fundraising strategies.

Full Control of System Users

With DonorAdvance, you have full control over who can access your system and their permission levels. Some fundraising management systems only allow you to maintain a certain number of users. With DonorAdvance, you can have as many users as you would like.

To develop and execute an effective fundraising strategy, you need the ability to analyze your fundraising activities simply and reliably. DonorAdvance will enable you to take your fundraising to the next level. Let’s get started.