Nonprofit Consulting Services

Data management is one critical component necessary to operate a successful and sustainable nonprofit organization. But it is just one piece of a larger puzzle. Fortunately, we have the expertise necessary to help organizations develop the larger framework that the data management system will support. Whether you are using one of our systems or another provider’s, we can give you the tools that enable you to operate efficiently and strategically.

It All Begins with your Mission Statement

What is your organization’s mission statement? Could your board members recite it from memory? Would your constituents agree that your organization’s operations reflect the stated mission? In too many organizations, a mission statement is an afterthought. On the contrary, your organization’s mission is its very reason for existing. Your mission statement should be alive and well and central to everything you do as an organization.

A good mission statement is clear, concise, and 
present in everything your organization does.

Developing a good mission statement is no easy feat. Ask each member of your board of directors what they believe the organization’s mission is. Wow – will you get a wide range of responses! Who is really right? How do you decide? To come to an agreement, you need an experienced third-party moderator who can:

* Focus the conversation
* Ensure every voice gets heard
* Provide expert real-time feedback

Our proven process for establishing a great mission statement is almost magical. As we synthesize your ideas, you will develop a renewed sense of purpose. Your new mission statement will be a beacon around which you can rally your all of your constituents. It will set the stage for everything that comes next.

Your Vision Statement Provides a Roadmap

The word Vision highlighted in blue with felt tip pen

Whereas a mission statement is an aspirational declaration of the impact you hope to achieve on the community, your vision statement describes what your organization will do to achieve that impact. As with creating a mission statement, developing a vision statement can be an emotional undertaking. If this is an established organization, we will look at everything your organization does and discuss the degree to which it carries out your organization’s mission.

Laying out the vision is also a unifying process. Our experience in developing outstanding vision statements enables us to:

* Challenge preconceived notions
* Bring together disparate points of view
* Create a final product that unifies your team

Operating Strategically is the Key to Success

“If we aren’t operating strategically, what are we doing?”

Operating strategically is a cycle of continuous improvement. At all times, leaders should understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of their organizations. They should look at each part of their operations and answer two questions:

1. Are we achieving our goals?
2. Do our goals further the mission of our organization?

Based on the answers to those questions, they should set new goals, design a plan to achieve them, and execute the plan. And then the cycle repeats itself.

With our expertise in data management and analysis as well as nonprofit management, we will provide you the tools necessary to define and measure success. We will then work with you to set goals, and design a plan to achieve them.

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