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Our History Adam Lenter spent his “first career” working for and consulting to numerous nonprofit organizations and schools. Everywhere he went, organizations were hampered by inadequate data management systems. Through Adam’s observations he determined that poor data systems present a tremendous burden to organization leaders and their staffs. Organization leaders lack the ability to truly assess their organization’s performance and make well-informed strategic decisions about the future. Furthermore, staff members devote hours of their time performing basic functions that a good data management system could handle in seconds. This takes them away from higher level functions, demoralizes them, and costs the organization money in lost productivity. After seeing the same deficiencies time and again, Adam decided there had to be a better way. He launched Nonprofit Data Solutions to provide powerful yet easy-to-use data management systems for nonprofit organizations.
Our Unique Approach In the beginning, our goal was only to develop custom data management systems (what we now call “Program Portals“) to meet the unique programmatic and operational needs of individual organizations. But Adam had two key realizations that have shaped the direction of the company.

1. Small- to mid-sized organizations are poorly served by the existing donor management systems on the market. They are either too expensive or too difficult to use or they do not provide customer service. So Adam developed DonorAdvance – a powerful yet easy-to-use fundraising management system – to meet their needs.

2. For a lot of nonprofit organizations, fundraising is closely linked to programming (either many donors are also program participants OR raising and disbursing funds represents a major program of the organization). These organizations need one unified system to track their program and fundraising information all in one place. Adam created “integrated data management systems” (DonorAdvance seamlessly integrated with a Program Portal) to meet their needs. Today, Nonprofit Data Solutions is the only company to offer a single data system to serve the programmatic, operational, AND fundraising needs of organizations.

Through DonorAdvance, Program Portal, and integrated data management systems, Nonprofit Data Solutions provides nonprofit leaders the tools they need to operate efficiently, maximize their fundraising potential, and thereby achieve their missions.

The Nonprofit Data Solutions Advantage
  • Relationship-based – We don’t see ourselves as merely service providers, but rather  as partners in your organization’s success. Toward that end, you can trust that we will NOT sell or share your data in any way. Your satisfaction is critically important to us and we will go to great lengths to keep you satisfied. We actively seek your suggestions for improving our systems.


  • Excellent Support – When you need support from us, you will receive it from someone who truly knows you and your organization.


  • We design our systems with the user in mind – Whether you are a professional or volunteer nonprofit leader, you will find our systems easy-to-use and intuitive. You will find nearly all the information you need with just a few clicks of the mouse.


  • We provide in-person and remote private training sessions – As the decision-makers at your organization come and go, we will help ensure continuity by providing training to the new stakeholders.


  • No Hidden Fees- Other data providers charge per user. Others charge based on the number of records you have. Still others charge for telephone or e-mail support. At Nonprofit Data Solutions, you are charged one monthly rate with no hidden fees. Some data providers have been known to sign up organizations for a good price only to drastically increase their prices after a year. Our contract guarantees that we will not increase your rate by more than 5% per year.

Your data is central to your organization’s success. Don’t entrust it to just anybody.

Trust the nonprofit experts who truly care about your organization’s success. Let’s get started.

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