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the tools they need to operate
efficiently, maximize their fundraising
potential, and thereby achieve
their missions.

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We Understand Nonprofit Organizations

With deep expertise in the nonprofit sector, we truly understand your data needs and design systems to meet them. Our logo reflects our strong belief that data is central to everything your organization does. Your organization’s top goal is to have a positive IMPACT on society. Your PROGRAM is the vehicle for achieving that impact and FUNDING is necessary to carry out your program. Through the use of data, each piece of the puzzle drives and informs the other two. Without good data, the whole thing falls apart.

Our goal is to EMPOWER you to use data to achieve your organization’s mission.

Our Systems are Powerful Yet Easy to Use All of our systems are designed with the user in mind based on a set of simple design principles. They enable you to enter, report, and analyze all of your critical information with remarkable ease. With simple custom query functions, you can quickly answer any questions about your organization’s operations. Whether you are a professional or volunteer nonprofit leader, you will master our systems in no time.

A picture of two hands gently embracing the entire earth symbolizes that our data systems are powerful yet easy to use.

A picture of a smiling casual customer service agent provides a sense of the personalized relationship we provide our clients.
We Provide Outstanding Customer Service
When you choose a data system from Nonprofit Data Solutions, you are not just purchasing a product, you are entering into a relationship. While other providers charge extra for phone and e-mail support, we include it in all of our offerings. And when you contact us, you will speak to someone who truly knows you and your organization.

Learn how your nonprofit organization can benefit from
our cutting edge data systems:

DonorAdvance is a powerful yet easy-to-use fundraising management system. It enables nonprofit leaders to develop deep institutional knowledge of their individual, corporate, and foundation donors as well as their fundraising initiatives. DonorAdvance will enable your organization to maximize its fundraising potential.

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A “Program Portal” is a highly customized data system designed to meet your organization’s specific needs. These powerful yet easy-to-use tools enable you to manage your organization efficiently, develop a deep understanding of your organization’s performance, and make data-driven decisions.

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Integrated Data Systems

For many nonprofit organizations, their program is highly integrated with fundraising. These organizations need one unified system to track both. We develop custom data systems that integrate seamlessly with DonorAdvance in order to achieve that goal.

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